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Special thanks go to those people who contributed to the development of this website:

Joey Baer and CSD Fremont - for opening up the video studio where he worked during his off hours and to the school, especially the former superintendent, Dr. Klopping, for believing in my work and in the interaction between the school and the community that benefits us all.

Judy Gough - my precious wife and life partner, who sacrificed many hours with me so I could tend to the website and the business. Not only that, she contributed to the production making sure I looked good in the video and her support and love has been the foundation of my life and work. Without her, I would not have gone this far. I love you.

Brenda Falgier - my personal web technical support who has been generous and enthusiastic with problem solving when I needed them for Ella's Flashlight. She did it because she believed in the vision and work I am trying to achieve. I owe you big time!

Linda Slovick - my wonderful local geek, who gave her best in providing whatever video needs were needed for this website, whose excitement and delight in the creative process was infectious and whose persistence for problem solving always amazes me.

Trudy Suggs - the quick and qualified editor for her magic tough in making sure the ASL here is accessible and appropriate. I'm grateful her services is available not just for this website but for the community!

My parents, Gilmer and Maryellen - this Deaf couple gave me life, Deaf culture, love for languages, arts, sports and the outdoors, and most importantly, American Sign Language. You believed I could do anything I wanted, crazy or sensible and stood by me. You are the best!

And lastly, deepest gratitude to Joyce Brubaker, the webdesigner, for her patience, diligence, wonderful tips, endless enthusiasm and amazing support for the creation of this website. Without you, and your clear Deafhood and ASL core as foundation for understanding what I wanted to achieve here, this would not have happened as nice as this!

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In the company’s name, ASL Presents, the word “presents” represents four things:

  1. American Sign Language is PRESENT, all around us, and within us.

  2. It also means PRESENTING ASL, showing and offering the language for others to appreciate.

  3. ASL is used in PRESENTATIONS, through the sharing of information, teaching, and storytelling.

  4. ASL is as beautiful as a PRESENT, covered in wrapping and topped with a bow to anticipate, open and delight in.

In viewing this, you are probably exploring ways to enhance your ASL skills for yourself or others, or perhaps you are wondering how to enhance your presentation style. ASL Presents serves Deaf lecturers, actors, poets, vloggers, and other professionals who desire to refine the information, grammar, clarity and style of their presentations in ASL. ASL Presents also serves others seeking assistance with ASL in various ways.

ASL Presents provides Deaf professionals with similar support as that afforded to non-Deaf professionals in strengthening and beautifying their presentations, performances, and written works.

For more information about our services, click on “Services” above. If you’re ready to optimize our services, click “Contact” and your request will be given attention.

ASL Presents looks forward to working with you and to having ASL lifted up to its proper place as a language that is valued, embraced, and cherished.

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