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In "ASL Presents", the company's name, the word "Presents" means four things:

  1. American Sign Language is PRESENT, here, all around us, and within us
  2. it also means PRESENTING ASL, showing and offering it for others to appreciate it.
  3. it comes with ASL being used in formal PRESENTATIONS, sharing information, teaching, and telling stories.
  4. lastly, ASL covered with wrapping and topped with a bow as a beautiful PRESENT to anticipate, open and delight in.

In viewing and reading this, it shows that you are probably exploring ways to better skills in American Sign Language for yourself or others, or wondering how to enhance your presentation style.

ASL Presents aims to serve Deaf lecturers, actors, poets, vloggers,and other professionals who desire to refine the information, grammar, clarity and style of their presentations in American Sign Language. Although the target clientele is identified above, ASL Presents is capable and willing to serve other people seeking assistance with American Sign Language.

ASL Presents intends to provide Deaf professionals with similar support that is afforded to non-Deaf professionals in enhancing their spoken language presentations, performances, and written works.

Coming Up   Signing Naturally   ellasflashlight